Eleanor Grille Welcome,

This site is dedicated to providing information about my 2006 Ford Mustang GT which I bought used in late 2007. The primary purpose of the site is to provide other Mustang enthusiasts with information about some of the modifications that I have made to my car, and provide reviews of the various products that I have used in the process of customizing my car to exactly what I wanted. I have found the Internet to be the most valuable resource with regard to maintaining and modifying all my cars. Hopefully my site can provide others with ideas for their cars as well as some useful information in how to make the modifications.

Even though I am a Mustang enthuiast I have specifically had an interest in the Fastback body style. The 2005+ Mustang was an obvious choice for my next car to own/build, because it is designed using styling pulled directly from the mid to late 60's Fastback. This is the third Mustang that I have owned. My other two were both 66 Fastbacks. One that I still own that is chronicled at www.fastbackmustang.com, and my first car shown here.

After 6 fun years of owning and modifying this car I got rid of it to be able to get my a better Mustang... A Shelby GT500! The details of the Shelby can be found at gt500.fastbackmustang.com. The purpose of getting the GT500 was to get a car that had everything I wanted from the showroom (or pretty close). This will enable me to focus my efforts solely to the 66 that was for the most part sitting idle during the last 6 years because the GT got all my attention. I am going to really miss the car but it is on to bigger and better things as the Shelby is an absolute beast of a car!

Please feel free to contact me directly at james@FASTBACKmustang.com if you have any questions or want further details about any of my cars.